14. September 2015.


There has always been a good food in Loznica, because this is a gourmet place and it is not lacking in anything, so you will find a favourite dish for everyone. In Tršić are generally placed ethno restaurants with national cuisine, while in Loznica and Banja Koviljača you can choose specialties of international cuisine. Others say for us that we are hospitable and we are trying to justify it. We like a long-termed and rich feasts, and with a good drink, there is always music and song, but we believe that everyone should have a measure. Bon appetite!

 “Cafeteria Buongiorno“

In the city center there is a modern café, which offers to its guests a rich menu of fresh desserts, salads, savory dishes, Italian specialties, drinks and cocktails…

  • Capacity: 80 seats, garden 60 seats.
  • Address: Pašićeva 1, 15 300 Loznica.
  • Phone: +381 63/335 144


It is located in the city center of Loznica, but in a very quiet place. It has a rustic interior, where every guest can find something for hisself. A quality service is guaranteed. The rich music content over the weekend attracts a large number of young and middle-aged visitors.

  • Capacity: 80 seats, garden 90 seats.
  • Address: Jovana Cvijića b.b. 15 300 Loznica
  • Phone: +381 15 881 757


Café pizzeria “GTA“ is located in the heart of the city, on the promenade, in the street of Jovan Cvijić, number 6. It is a comfortable place where you can spend beautiful moments with your family and friends, tasting Italian specialties and sweet desserts, along with a large selection of drinks.

Phone: +381 15 878680


The beauty of every city is mostly determined by the place where a traveler can sit down and relax. In a place where the traveler is, in a space where he feels that he is welcome, he can hear a lot about people who live there. A place where a traveller usually comes first is not our home. When you want to get to know one city, you will find out a lot of it through its streets and its bars. Because of that, a nice café presents a decoration of one city and the enjoyment begins when such place has a rich and delicious story. Intermezzo…

  • Capacity:  70 seats , Garden 60 seats.
  • Phone: +381 15877288

Cafeteria “Jabuka“

This is a catering facility that has been operating since 1989. It offers grilled dishes, hot and cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as a wide assortment of beer. It is a perfect place for business lunches.

  • Capacity: 40 seats, Summer garden
  • Phone: +381 15 891 665

Café pizzeria “SHANGRILA“

Café pizzeria “Shangrila“ is located on a central city square. This place has a specific interior. Painted walls, wrought iron and rustic furniture made of bamboo and wood make the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant. The menu includes pizza, bruschetti, pasta, gyros, sandwiches, salads and pancakes, which along with a diverse offer of drinks guarantee a delicious satisfaction.

  • Address: Department store “Jadar“ Trg Vuka Karadžića bb
  • Phone: +381 15892140

Café bar “Lipa

Café bar “Lipa“ is located in the center of the city of Loznica, on the Valjevo road. Apart from alcoholic and non-alcoholic, hot and cold drinks, it also offers a wide selection of cocktails and beer.

  • Capacity: 50 seats, garden 60 seats.
  • Phone: +381 64 86 56 200

Pub Beer Bar

Pub in the city center offers a wide range of beer, other drinks and grilled meat delicatessen.

  • Address: Vere Blagojević E/9.
  • Phone: +381 15 891874

“Good times“

This pizzeria is located in the city center, next to the river Štira, where apart from specialties of international cuisine, you can also enjoy in pleasant interior and ambient music.

  • Capacity: 90 seats, Summer garden.
  • Phone: +381 15  892 415   +381 66  505 32 77

Srpska kafana

In the pleasant ambience of the restaurant of local cuisine with a long tradition you can taste grilled specialties, veal, smoked knuckle…

  • Capacity: 30 seats, garden 30 seats
  • Phone: +381 15 / 891 – 390,

Tavern “Taverna“    

The tavern “Taverna“ is situated in Loznica, near the city center. It is also known as “Stepanova kafana“. The ambience is decorated in ethnic style. The menu consists of fish specialties, venison specialties, roast lamb and porcine and other traditional dishes. Fish soup is a specialty of the tavern.

  • Capacity: 80 seats with garden
  • Address: Kneza Mihajla No. 72
  • Phone: +381 64 0114549

“Zlatna ribica“ – Ship restaurant

The ship restaurant “Zlatna ribica“ is located in Loznica. The authentic space of the ship and varied cuisine are just some of the reasons to visit this restaurant. The building consists of two levels and a summer garden.

  • Capacity:

– Lower restaurant with 40 seats,

– Upper restaurant with 40 seats,

– Summer garden with 30 seats.

Phone: +381 871671

Restaurant “Plava ribica“

     The restaurant “Plava ribica“ is a place that wins guests with its environment, delicious food and professional staff which makes the restaurant as pleasant as possible and where guests keep coming back. Within the complex there are tennis court, indoor soccer, beach volleyball, playground for children, swimming on the river Drina.

The restaurant consists of two units, with a summer garden. There are served international cuisine and a large number of fish specialties.

  • Capacity:

– Large hall with 400 seats,

– Small hall with 50 seats,

– Large summer garden.

Phone: +381 879874

Restaurant “Srpska kruna“

Traditional restaurant offers national cuisine specialties. There is a possibility of organizing smaller celebrations.

  • Capacity: 60 seats, garden 25 seats
  • Phone: +381 15875016

Cafe “Galija

  “Galija“ is situated in the city center, on the promenade, in the street Bosanska 2. It is an ideal place for all those who like good fun, regardless if it is a night or a day. The interior is dominated by warm colors and modern furniture, which is in a perfect harmony with the architectural structure extensions.

  •  The capacity of the cafe is more than 200 guests.
  • Phone: +381 15874446

Tavern “Kod Pauna

It was founded in 1983, it serves only quality food, local specialties and specialties of international cuisine. The restaurant exudes a cozy atmosphere.

  • Capacity:  70 seats, 50 seats in the garden
  • Phone: +381 872140

“Vasića koliba“

Not far from Loznica, in the village of Tršić, there are a folk ambient and host service of the ethno restaurant “Vasića koliba“, which has a long tradition of 20 years. The restaurant has its own parking.

  • Capacity: 60 seats, Garden with 40 seats

Tavern “Promaja“

 This facility is situated in the village of Tršić, near the house of Vuk, with a tradition of 30 years. What makes this tavern distinctive is top-notch service, affordable prices, ethno ambience.

  • Restaurant: 50 seats, Garden 60 seats
  • Address: Tršić bb 15 303 Tršić
  • Phone: +381868666

Loznica, Banja Koviljača, Tršić, Banja Badanja, all these are the places that have wide opened doors for its guests and it has never happened that guests come back from our city because they could not find an empty bed. Everyone can find suitable acommodation, ranging from modest requests to those who opt for the high quality service that is caracterized as a luxury. Whatever is your choice, we are sure that the hosts will give you the best, because this area has a tradition of tourism longer than a century.


Special Hospital for Rehabilitation

As the holder of curing and rehabilitaion tourism, this institution occupies a central place in the overall offer of Banja Koviljača, and with its quality service it reaches the highest European standards. Using modern methods, there is implemented a program of medical rehabilitation, treatment and prevention. Within the building is opened wellness center “Kovilje“ with a wide range of services, various types of massages, Jacuzzi bath, swimming pools, detox programs. It also contains all necessary conditions for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases of joints and spine, discus hernia and conditions after surgery of discus hernia of muscle diseases, infertility and certain gynecological diseases.

  •  Storage capacity: 416 beds, Apartments 1/1, ½.
  •  Address: Park 415 316 Banja Koviljača
  • Phone: +381 15818270

Ethno Village “Sunčana reka“ (“Sunny River“)

On the right bank of the river Drina, at the headquarters of Gučevo, between the mountain Gučevo (Republic of Serbia) and Majevica (Serbian Republic), in Banja Koviljača, it is located ethno village “Sunčana reka“ (area of 4 ha). Ethno village “Sunčana reka“ offers a unique oasis for rest, relaxation, sport and recreation, which is necessary to people who are burdened with daily duties, with the accelerated pace of life, to people who are exposed to stress and who don’t have enough time to devote to themselves and their families.

The unique ambience of this complex offers:

  • House for guest accommodation “Nada“ (1/1, ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, – 30 beds)
  • Accommodation in guest cottages (1/1, ½, 1/3, ¼, TV, toilet, terrace and villa “Sunčana reka“ – a total capacity of 57 beds);
  • Tavern “Pod vrbom“ (270 seats);
  • Organization of celebrations, cocktail parties, professional meetings;
  • Organization of transient lunch;
  • Organization of music program;
  • Organization of weddings in restaurant and on terraces;
  • Summer garden (500 seats) – opened and covered;
  • Summer house (40 seats);
  • Business hall (100 seats);
  • Pilates program;
  • Wellnes program;
  • Sport fields for: soccer, a great football, voleyball beach, tennis, badminton, basketball, table tennis, jogging track (5000 m);
  • Amusement park for children;
  • Stable – horse riding, carriage rides;
  • Ample parking;
  • Beach resort on the banks of the river Drina;
  • Boat rides;
  • Organization of trips and walking tours with a professional guide, etc.


This rural household is located in ethno village Tršić, 50 meters far from Vuk’s memorial house. This residence is comfortably equipped for quests who want to spend their vacation in natural beauties of this region. In the courtyard there are walled barbecue, terrace for common stay and springs. Through the garden flows the stream, and in the hinterland there is a deciduous forest.

  • Storage capacity: 2/2 rooms, 1/3 rooms, 2 apartments
  • Address: Tršić bb, 15 303 Tršić
  • Phone: + 381 15 868 231, +381 64 301 45 26


This konak is located in Tršić, only two kilometers far from the house of Vuk Karadžić. It has: 2/2, 1/3 rooms with bath, as well as a separated room and a terrace for dining, tv phone, library, bike rental.

  • Address: Tršić bb 15 303 Tršić
  • Phone: +381 15868207

Mountain konakMilica

This konak is located in the former Vuk’s vineyard at 500 meters above sea level and it was built in 1920. Within the household there is a restaurant of traditional cuisine. In the courtyard of the residence there is a space for dining with antique furnace, wall stove, barbecue and hearth. This space is designed for post-noon break, there are swings and seesaws for children.

  • Storage capacity: ½, 1/3 bedrooms, ¼ apartment.
  • Restaurant capacity: Closed 70 seats, opened 200 seats
  • Phone: +381 643238701

“Tronoški vajati“

Near the monastery Tronoša, in the valley of river Tronoša are located authentic objects of traditional folk architecture, transferred from the surrounding villages of Jadar’s area. Reviving old transferred houses and vajati, the creator of idea of a perfect life has made ethno village “Tronoški vajati“. The preserved nature, mild climate, clean air, numerous and unpolluted rivers and streams will encant you at first sight. Staying in ethno village gives you the opportunity for walking, recreation, hunting, picking mushrooms, herbs, berries… Great attention in the ethno village is dedicated to preserving the spiritual and intangible heritage through the reconstruction of some folk customs, arts and craft revitalization.

  • Capacity: 11 rooms for accommodation and sleeping
  • Ethno restaurant with the capacity of 120 seats inside the restaurant, and 300 seats with a covered garden
  • Phone: +381 15846329; +381 646475539; +381 646475540
  • e-mail: tronoskivajati@gmail.com

“Gučevski vajati“

Within the ethno complex “Gučevski vajati“ there is a namesake restaurant and small wooden cottage for overnight staying. The capacity of the restaurant “Gučevski vajati“ is 50 seats with a beautiful gallery and outdoor garden with 100 seats. The guests are accomodated in traditional wooden cottages “Lipa“, “Trešnja“ and “Ruža“, which present a combination of nature and comfort dominated by wood, stone, brick. The wooden cottage “Lipa“ has a double bed and one single bed, bathroom with shower, satellite TV, kitchen, air conditioning. The wooden cottage “Trešnja“ has a double bed, bathroom with shower, satellite TV, air conditioning. The wooden cottage “Ruža“ has a double bed, bathroom with shower, satellite TV, kitchen, air conditioning, which meet the needs of a modern tourist.

We recommend to our guests: lamb, spring lamb on a spit, barbecue, Gučevo’s shepherd’s stew, cheese, cream, homemade pies, donuts, polenta, homemade buns, and we mostly recommend our homemade brandy produced 19 years ago in the center of Podgorina-Osečina. The guests in the guest house, depending on their length of stay, have the opportunity to choose their meals

            Phone: +381 15 818326

             Website: gucevskivajati.freshcreator.com

Resort “Vidikovac

The resort “Vidikovac“ is located four kilometers from Banja Koviljača, to the top of Gučevo. Within the building there is a banquet hall, a discotheque, classroom, restaurant and parking.

  • Storage capacity: 15 rooms – 55 beds
  • Restaurant capacity: 80 places, Banquet hall with 20 seats
  • Summer garden with 100 seats
  • Address: Gučevski put bb
  • Phone: +381 15 818326

Resort “Gučevo Ester DOO

Within the building there are a classroom, tv room, restaurant with garden, sports fields, ski slopes with a mini cable car and a lot of other content that make up the tourist offer of this place. The resort is oriented towards students’, leisure and sports tourism.

  • Accommodation capacity: 33 rooms, 130 beds
  • Address: Gučevski put bb
  • Phone: +381 15819733

Lazarev konak

 Lazarev konak“ has five rooms of the first category that are equipped with air conditioning, tv, bar, free internet, and within a complex there is also a garage. In a restaurant there is a possibillity of organizing small celebrations up to 150 seats.

  • Address: Gučevska No. 186

Villa “Radovanović

This villa is located in Banja Koviljača. It offers to its guests comfortable and quality vacation at an affordable price. The rooms are spacious and equipped with modern furniture, they have air conditioning and TV.

  • Storage capacity: 3/2, 3/3, 4/4 apartments
  • Address: Moše Pijade No. 16 15 316 Banja Koviljača
  • Phone: +381638849219

Villa “Tanja

It is located in the center of Banja Koviljača, 150 meters from the rehabilitation center. It comprises of 8 apartments of the first category (4*). Each apartment has its own bathroom, kitchen, TV and air conditioning. It owns also a salt room that has a positive and healing effects on the entire human organism.

  • Agency “Terma“

Address: Karla Marksa (Karl Marx) Banja Koviljača

Phone: +381 645791000

Private branch “Dar Lux“   

Private branch “Dar Lux“ mediates in the issuance of rooms, apartments and houses in private accommodation.

  • Address: Janka Veselinovića No. 1 15 316 Banja Koviljača

Sports and recreation center “EM“

Sports and recreation center “EM“ offers furnished appartments and studios. For the rest, relaxation and enjoyment, guests can use the spa area with sauna, whirlpool and Jacuzzi pool, a saltwater pool, steam bath…

  • Address: Zdravka Mašanovića bb 15 316 Banja Koviljača
  • Phone: +381 15820339

Hotel “Podrinje“

Hotel “Podrinje“ (2*) disposes with 160 beds in single and doubled rooms with newly landscaped hotel apartments. Within the hotel there are:

  • Closed pool,
  • Summer garden for sunbathing,
  • The modern room,
  • Sala table,
  • Restaurant,
  • Kitchen,
  • Tavern,
  • Aperitif bar.
  • Address: Park 4 15 316 Banja Koviljača
  • Phone: +381 15820022

Hotel “Royal Spa“

Hotel “Royal Spa“ (4*) is located in the center of Banja Koviljača at the entrance to the most beautiful spa park in Serbia and it is an ideal place for a holiday – an oasis of peace, tranquility and luxury. Rooms are equipped with: satellite tv, LCD, electronic locks, sos alarm, mini bar, safe, air conditioning, hair dryer in the bathroom. Apartments and studios have a kitchen and dining room.

  • Address: Narodnog fronta 42 15 316 Banja Koviljača
  • Phone: +381 15818010

Club “Budimlija“

Club “Budimlija“ is located five kilometers from the center of Loznica in untouched nature, at the foot of the mounatin Gučevo on the area of 10 ha. This centar provides excellent conditions for a family staying in the countryside, for organizing group visits, relaxing weekends for companies. Within the sports-recreational center there are facilities for footbal, tennis, voleyball and basketball. Guests have also at their disposal a coffee bar, restaurant, swimming pool, barbecue area, children’s playgrounds and bungalows for overnight.

  • Accommodation capacity: 60 beds
  • Capacity of the restaurant: 150 seats
  • Phone: +381 647092025

Apartments “Budimlija“

Apartments “Budimlija“ are located in Banja Koviljača, 200 m from the spa park and from the Special Hospital. Within the building there are a restaurant, gym, billiards, beauty salons, massage.

  • Accommodation capacity: 4/3 apartments, ½ studio, 15 rooms.
  • The restaurant capacity: 150 seats.
  • Address: Zdravka Mašanovića bb 15 316 Banja Koviljača

“Plavi restoran“

  “Plavi restoran“ is engaged in providing accommodation services, food and all kinds of organizing celebrations. The restaurant disposes with two well-equipped, air-conditioned and separated rooms – a large reception room, a small room and a summer garden. Rooms and apartments are air-conditioned and they have TV, bathroom, internet and minibar. Within the complex there are facilities for small and large football, basketball court, and in the nearby there are also the sports hall and the city pool.

  • Storage capacity: 15 rooms – 1/1, ½, 1/3, 2 apartments
  • Restaurant capacity:
  • Big congress hall 200 seats
  • Small hall 30 seats
  • Summer garden 150 seats
  • Address: Marka Radulovića bb Loznica
  • Phone: +38115877996

Special Rehabilitation Hospital “Boro Skorić“  

Special rehabilitation hospital “Boro Skorić“ in Banja Badanja cures diseases: rheumatism, diseases of muscle and connective tissues, anemia and nerve diseases. Within the building there are a restaurant for guests, reception room, doctor’s office, a room for physical therapy, etc. Nearby there are a sulfur and a mud bath.

  • Storage capacity: 25 beds
  • Capacity of the restaurant: 52 seats
  • Address: Banja Badanja bb
  • Phone: +38115863190