14. September 2015.


Cer mountain sprawls 15-20 km in the direction east-west. The highest peak is the “Todorov vrh” or “Kosanin grad” (687m) at the western part. The second highest peak is Trojanov grad (625m) at the eastern part of the ridge.

Cer is a passable mountain. At the north-western part of the mountain a road runs parallel to the Sabac – Loznica railway. The Sabac-Tekeris-Zavlaka-Krupanj automobile road cuts the boundary pass    at the 30km from Sabac. Underneath south slopes of Cer, through the valley of the River Lesnica narrow asphalt road winds. Pedestrian walkways and less passable roads connect the nearest villages of Jadar to the villages of Pocerina and Mačva via ridge.

The mountain of Cer with surrounding regions (Jadar, Pocerina and Macva) will become a part of the Serbian people history because of the famous and glorious Battle of Cer.

On Cer in Tekeris, the charnel house from the First World War has been built. The museum display of the Battle of Cer has also been built. In front of it there are busts of the following ward-lords: Stepa Stepanović, Zivojin Misic, Radomir Putnik, and Petar Bojovic. These busts are work of Darinka Radovanovic, the sculptor.