14. September 2015.


One of the major geographical landmarks of Loznica and Banja Koviljača is the mountain of Gučevo.

Largely, due to Gučevo, Loznica has a specific mild climate and protection from strong winds.

Due to geomorphological features of the mountain, Gučevo is rich in thermomineral waters which are regarded as the most effective and the most healing ones, and in Balneology, they are defined as unique considering the high content of minerals.

The mountain stretches from northwest to southeast, at length of 10 km. Many streams flow out of Gučevo into rivers Drina and Jadar, marking the path and leaving traces on its steep slopes.

At the altitude of 779 m, Gučevo belongs to lower mountains that has specific a specific wind rose and densely forested areas, thus provides excellent conditions for recreation, and, especially, improves blood test results.

The mountain’ silhouette stands over Banja Koviljača and Loznica, and through long history of colonies in this territory, Gučevo did serve as a safe shelter for people in times of crises. In 1914, Gučevo was introduced into history books, describing a fifty-five day long battle “The battle under clouds” that took place on the cliffs of Gučevo.

People who visit Gučevo can find a good and affordable accommodation, whilst restaurants feature great national cuisine.

Recreation center “MN” includes an accommodation up to 130 beds, a dining room with 140 seats and several sports grounds available for guests. The facility is located at the top of Gučevo Mountain, and it frequently hosts school excursions and youth tours as well as nature-lovers who simply enjoy walking in nature.

Recreation center “Vidikovac” is distanced only 4 km from Banja Koviljača and located on the top of Gučevo Mountain. It encompasses 85 beds and 85 seats in a dining room, whereas a spacious car park provides an easy entrance of buses and cars.

Tavern “Gučevski vajati” is a favourite place for guests from Loznica who enjoys trying national specialties prepared in clay pots, in the ambience preserving the spirit of vajat. (an old outbuilding).

Hostel “Lazarev konak” is situated at the end of the way (4 km) leading to the top of the mountain of Gučevo; a bed and breakfast facility which is for many years run by the Lazarević family. It features 3 apartments and 12 beds, whilst a restaurant with an open patio offers 200 available seats for guests. The facility features a good national cuisine and you should absolutely visit it.