17. September 2015.

Vukov Sabor

Vukov Sabor (Event in honor of Vuk Karadžić) is the oldest and the most visited cultural event in Serbia dedicated to the most significant reformer of the Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet – Vuk StefanovićKaradžić. First Vukov sabor was held on September 17, 1933, on the oppening day of renovated memorial house, and since then, this event  has been promoting and cultivating Serbian tradition and culture. Firstly, Vukov Sabor events were important at the local level, and they  included rhetorics, poetry reading and guslar’s competing. (gusle – a national single-stringed instrument). Gradually, they have become broadly visited, offering a wide variety of programs, thus the local event has become the most significant cultural event. Today, Vukov Sabor lasts for a week and consists of two connected parts: the days before the main happening (Sabor) and the closing ceremony. The first part encompasses a series of ceremonies that include concerts, theatrical performances, literature nights and exhibitions held in Loznica, Tršić, monastery Tronoša and Belgrade.  Each September, the closing ceremony of Sabor is held on Sunday, just before the holiday “The Nativity of the Virgin Mary,” when there are no fairs in Jadar.  The closing ceremony, since 1964, has taken place at the gathering place – amphitheater (an open-air stage). It is always given in honor of some jubilee or an important figure of Serbian history and culture. Since 1972 in Tršić, Students’ Vukov Sabor has been introduced as a separate event dedicated to children and students. The event includes theatrical performances, competitions, and exhibitions of children’s art works. The organizers are the Culture Center “Vuk Karadžić“ from Loznica and Vukov Sabor’s Program Council. The sponsors are the city of Loznica and The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. In 2012, Vukov Sabor is listed in the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage.