We recommend you to take a stroll on the streets of the renowned city, and pay a visit to Banja Koviljača, Banja Badanja, monasteries Tronoša and Čokešina, notable place Tršić, Gučevo and the river Drina. Those are the weekend resorts that locals themselves prefer like to go to in the free time.

Ethno village “Sunčana Reka” unites many things: enjoying in the magic of the river Drina, sports fields, gym in nature, horse riding, restaurant, business hall, souvenir shop, church, reconstruction of the ancient village, attractive destination for the weddings and adventure tourism.

Budimlija club is a tourist facility 5 km far away from Loznica built in the woods. It has a swimming pool and other sport and recreative content, as well as significant accommodation capacities.