Gučevo, besides its historical significance, is a mountain that has ideal conditions for the development of the sport, recreational, and excursion tourism. Not far from Crni Vrh (779 m), mountain’s highest peak, there is a memorial charnel house surrounded by a landscaped outlook from which Banja Koviljača, Loznica, and the river Drina can be seen.

Fusion between untouched nature, thick beech forest, fresh air, groomed trails, and hospitality offer make the mountain more attractive for different activities. They include hiking, mountaineering, cyclings, driving SUVs, extreme sports, para-gliding, organizing preventive health programs, foraging (healing herbs, edible mushrooms, wild berries), excursions, sports preparation, scouting, recreational classes for students, and team-building.

It offers a unique pleasure for hunting lovers who can find the rabbit, fox, pheasant, wolf, roe deer, and wild boars.

Cer mountain got its name from numerous Turkey oaks. Being famous for the greenery – deciduous trees and low vegetation – it makes a perfect spot for the active holiday and adventuristic tourism.