The Drina river is in many ways unique, and it provides opportunities for the development of both conventional and uncommon types of tourism linked to water sports and fishing. Emerald green, winding waterway creates magnificent shingle beaches well-attended in the summer with local people and many tourists (the most popular being Žića‘s beach, located near Banja Koviljača, is several kilometers long and hosts a few thousands visits during peak time). Its rapids and whirlpools are ideal places for fishing nose carp, chub, barbel, pike, pike-perch, bream, and from the large samples of sheatfish the widely known Danubian salmon.

International regattawith various vessels called “The Drina is Only One” takes place every year with the route from Mali Zvornik and Zvornik to Banja Koviljača.

It’s a place for various sports competitions, rafting, and boat rides, but the visitors can also enjoy the romantic dinners by the river in one of the many restaurants where only the fresh caught and fish soup are being served.