Žeravijsko Vrelo – the source of the streamlet Žeravija, a vivid site of the boiling water coming out fascinates people.

Skakavac (Grasshopper) Waterfall –  1,5 km away from Budimlija. Its height is over 7 m, and accessible by forest path.

“Rajska Dolina” (Paradise Valley) – unique botanical garden in Lipnica village where on around 2 ha of land more than thousand plant species grow and scent.

“Debeli Grm” (“Fat Bush”) – the common oak in Runjani village old more than three centuries whose treetop diameter is 28 m.

House on the Tree, at the beginning of Žića‘s beach, made by its creative owner.

Mill on the Štira river – near the city center, old more than 150 years and still working today.

Monoxyl – prehistoric boat found in the Drina, restaurant and exhibited in the museum of Jadar annex.

Icons – this is a spot in the forest near Tronoša monastery. People gathered there at prayer, improvising the church by putting icons on the tree trunks, in the time when temples were demolished and burned.