Modern transportation lines connect Loznica to other major cities with the distance to Belgrade being 139 km, Novi Sad – 136 km, and Valjevo – 75 km. The nearest airports are in Belgrade (123 km) and Tuzla (47 km). A stone’s throw away from the city is Trbušnica (4 km), the closest cross-border where a bridge connects the two countries, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The railway traverses the municipality, both passenger and freight traffic are in function.

Visitors can get around by suburban buses, taxis, rent-a-car, bikes, and on foot (the city is bicycle and pedestrian friendly).

If you are travelling by car, there are enough parking lots available.

Proper traffic and tourist info signs have been set up.

The  whole city is covered with the internet network which could be accessed for free in most of the tourist facilities.

Tourist Info Centre with Souvenir Shop is in the downtown pedestrian zone, at 20 Jovan Cvijić street. The phone number is +38115893895

Belgrade 139 km
Novi Sad 136 km
Šabac 56 km
Valjevo 75 km
Bosnia and Herzegowina 4 km
Tuzla 72 km
Mali Zvornik 28 km
Banja Koviljača 6 km
Tršić 7 km
Tronoša 17 km
Tekeriš 39 km
Banja Badanja 33 km
Čokešina 30 km
Lešnica 21 km